Unique expertise in the ability to develop and manufacture high precision focused and collimated optomechanical products, with fixed or variable magnification.


Scrome, is a French leader in the field of military and civilian optics, optomechanics and optronics


Our company specializes in the engineering, design, and construction of optronic and optomechanical instruments and subsets focused on observation, targeting, centering, and measurement to the civilian and military sectors. Our engineers are able to merge assemblies and sub-assemblies, to provide our customers with products that combine various technologies.

Scrome has acquired a strong technical and technological expertise on scopes for all types of weapons, ranging from infantry rifles to machine guns. Scrome provides a complete service, offering both positioning interfaces and calibration tools.

Production of opto-mechanical products

Optomechanics is the science of mechanics in the service of optics. This thorough mastery of the elements gives our equipment long-term durability. A few examples of optomechanical products:

• Riflescopes
• CAESAR Direct Fire Scope
• Sighting Goniometers
• Boresights
• Theodolites
• Planetarium Lenses
• FREMM Sighting Assemblies.

Production of optronics products

Optronics is the integration of optomechanics and opto-electronics, which deals with the study, design and implementation of systems combining electronics and optics or implementing the interaction of optical and electronic phenomena. A few examples of optronic products:

• Binocular periscopes
• Boresights for gun cameras

Developing image processing systems

Scrome has recently developed, in a multidisciplinary manner, acquisition and image processing systems, such as the SeaOwl VizIR marine surveillance solution and the Catopsys 360° panoramic protection system.

Developing mechanical systems

Scrome also produces simple optical or mechanical assemblies, such as mounts and supports for riflescopes, artillery levels, up to slope compensators for goniometers.

Scrome Optronics


Unique expertise in the ability to develop and manufacture optomechanical products in an environment of challenging and unusual technical constraints, like the accelerations generated in firing a heavy weapon, water resistance and resistance to extreme temperature.


Real expertise in developing and integrating electronic features in an optomechanical product.

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