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Scrome plans J8F1 production for civilian market

Firearms collectors on both sides of the Atlantic were taken by surprise in 2021 when the government of France released a small but substantial batch of FRF2 sniper rifles for sale to the civilian market. While the FRF2 entered service in 1985, it would take another 10 years until this precision rifle was paired with a modern precision optic: the Scrome J8. The Scrome J8, with its unique range-finding stadiametric reticle, was designed from the ground up to meet the rigorous demands of the French military, and it did this with distinction in the Wars in Afghanistan, the Northern Mali Conflict, and Operation Serval. When mated to the FRF2 sniper rifle, both rifle and scope become an effective and iconic sniper system. Unfortunately for FRF2 collectors, it has been impossible and illegal to obtain a factory original Scrome J8 for their rifle, until now.

In response to collector interest, Scrome of France, (operating since May of 2022 under the new name Elynxo Group), would like to offer collectors a chance to add a newly-made Scrome J8 with stadiametric reticle to their collection.

Accordingly, at this time Scrome is seeking to determine the extent of interest on the part of collectors worldwide and invites interested collectors to contact Scrome directly at: and affirm their interest.

Please include your name, your country of residence, and if applicable, whether you wish to purchase more than one scope. Based on the extent of collector interest, Scrome will respond to each interested party in the coming weeks followed by the opening of a pre-order phase in late September thru November. A deposit of 50% of the final sales price will secure your order, with the balance due prior to shipment. Based upon historical production timelines, we expect a timeframe of six months to complete the first batch of 50 units, followed by another month to complete a second batch of 50 units. Total duration from pre-order to delivery does not include shipping wait times.

This will be a limited run of authentic J8 scopes, each built precisely to the French Government’s specifications as outlined in the Technical Data Package (TDP). Each scope will have the “SCROME” manufacturer’s marking, come with the stadiametric reticle, and will be built using the same methods and materiel, by many of the same engineers, as those originally provided to the French military. As the historic and official manufacturer of the Scrome J8, each optic will come with a signed certificate of authenticity as well as a 10-year factory warranty. In addition to the certificate of authenticity and warranty card, every Scrome J8 will arrive with:

- The official scope transport case meeting the French Army’s specifications.

- Eye cup, sun shade, scope cap

- A screwdriver wera 335 TOM Pouce 0.6x3.5x24.5mm.

- User manual in English and French.

-Warranty card and certificate of authenticity.

Collectors who pre-order Scrome scopes will benefit from regular photo releases showing the project’s progress as we resurrect the J8.

We expect the price for each new Scrome J8 to be between 2800 to 3000 Euros. As this is a limited production run, this price may drop based upon collector interest. This price covers the manufacture, quality control testing, and customs for each scope as required by US law that will be paid to the US Government by Scrome. With the Dollar to Euro exchange rate being the most favorable it has been in 20 years, we feel that now is the best time for American collectors to avail themselves of the purchasing power of the US dollar. Your Scrome J8 will be shipped with insurance directly from our manufacturing facilities in France to you.

We look forward to hearing from you. To signal your interest, or if you have any questions, please contact Scrome directly at:

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